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Monday 06/04/2020
(All ‘ETA’ times are abeam Seaham)

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ETA Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Current Height Range HDG° Sqwk Last

Localised Planeplotter Listing for mlat'ing (06 April 2020 12:41)

Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Altitudes Sqwk Last

The last thirty flyovers over the North East (up until 06 April 2020 12:41)

Zone Times Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Altitude HDG° Under
10:49->10:56 PH-EZF [E190] KLM cityhopper KLM40Z ABZ-->AMS 27,625->24,550 114 6254
10:30->10:39 PH-EZT [E190] KLM cityhopper KLM36T NCL-->AMS 2,150->22,775 111 6253
09:36->10:00 XX203 [HAWK] Royal Air Force AGRSOR01 (UK Military) 2,900->11,900 285 0421
09:35->09:38 ZM403 [A400] Royal Air Force RRR4988 (UK Military) 22,250->31,975 004 7647
09:29->09:32 PH-EZT [E190] KLM cityhopper KLM47W AMS-->NCL 40,000->1,175 246 6277
09:07->09:08 PH-EZN [E190] KLM cityhopper 39,525->15,875 - 0000
06:09->06:14 A7-ALQ [A359] Qatar Airways QTR2UK 40,000->7,675 347 3274

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