This page is only to help tie up a sighting or a callsign.

The aircraft listed could be anywhere with 200nm of the North East – even as far away as beyond Amsterdam or Bristol. To reduce the false returns, they must have been picked up for at least five minutes. This list does not contain those confirmed to be in the area hence those listed here are becoming fewer and fewer.

However, IF you’ve seen an airliner or business airplane over the North East, it should be listed here or the main listing – somewhere within that time frame. An airplane passing over the area should have been picked up for a minimum of 15 minutes but this would obviously depend on prevailing wind direction, speed and altitude.

Please bear in mind though, much of the traffic will be both north/south traffic over Cumbria and well out over the North Sea as well as east/west traffic over Humberside, Yorkshire & Cheshire.

(This page is for quick reference rather than an alert, so will NOT auto-refresh. This list is also limited to around the last 2 hours, any older and they can now be found here (or eventually in the archive).

These could be anywhere

Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Heights Sqwk Times tracked
SE-RML C501 Jiv Air AB 36,100 down to 23,325 2246 13:51->14:22
ZB131 HAWK Qatar Emiri Air Force (UK Military) 2,700 down to 2,025 0432 11:33->12:32
ZB132 [HAWK] Qatar Emiri Air Force (UK Military) 5,200 down to 2,200 0431 11:33->12:31

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