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I’ve added a log from a family holiday to Kuala Lumpur & Phuket

Wednesday 28/02/2024
(All ‘ETA’ times are abeam Seaham)

OvertheNorthEast Alerts listing

ETA Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Current Height Range HDG° Sqwk Last
05:56 A6-BMI [B78X] Etihad Airways ETD49D AUH-->MAN Level at 37,975 154 285 3257 05:33
05:39 A7-ALG [A359] Qatar Airways QTR42H DOH-EDI Down to 0 39 289 3220 05:33

The last thirty flyovers over the North East (up until 28 February 2024 05:34)

Zone Times Aircraft Type Operator Callsign Route Altitude HDG° Under
05:24->05:31 G-BMRI [B752] DHL Air DHK2134 LEJ-EDI 38,000->0 301 4154
04:44->04:51 N612UP [B748] United Parcel Service UPS204 CGN-PHL 32,000->32,000 299 2556
01:33->02:16 G-POLA [EC35] National Police Air Service UKP028 1,450->1,400 303 0056
01:13->01:16 G-TUMU [B38M] TUI Airways TOM44B TFS-->NCL 36,000->1,175 245 7477
00:13->00:17 D-AALM [B77L] AeroLogic BOX397 CVG-->LEJ 37,000->37,000 113 0000
00:07->00:11 N855GT B748 Polar Air Cargo PAC097 LAX-LEJ 34,975->35,000 117 6012

Earlier today…

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